Monday, April 23, 2018

Behind the Scenes - Cake Smash Part II

This past weekend I had a blast shooting a Cake Smash session with Aaron. Mom and Dad love baseball and wanted to have a baseball theme to their session. Since Mom is an Angel's fan and Dad is a Dodger's fan we didn't have a specific team we were representing, it was just an overall baseball theme...  I guess he can figure out his team allegiance when he gets a little older! :-)

In my last blog post, I went over a general outline of a cake smash, what to expect and a few pointers... this time I'm just going to show a few images from my most recent session and a couple behind the scenes images of me doing my thing, courtesy of Aaron's mom!

As you can see below, the first part of the session is all about baseball. Aaron was such a rockstar and did a great job "posing" for the camera.

The second part of the session was more "formal." Aaron looked so stinkin' cute with his little hat, tie and suspenders... even though he's not much of a hat guy. We compromised and shot some with hat on, some with hat off. Since Aaron is only 12 months old he's not super balanced, so I made sure that Dad was within grabbing distance (you can see Dad's feet on the right in the behind the scenes image) in case Aaron got a little wobbly or tried to lean forward.

We eventually moved from the chair to the ground for some additional shots...

And last, but not least, we moved to the cake part of the session. I gotta say, this little man loved his cake! It was a lot of fun watching him get into it and really make a mess. Although the cake is too demolished in the image below to see what it was,  it did start out as a cute little baseball cake...

As you can see, there is potential for a big mess, so I'm going to recommend for future Cake Smash sessions that mom or dad bring a t-shirt or something they can put on over their regular clothes so they don't get messy also as they are cleaning up all the cake from their little one... especially if they have somewhere to go after the session! :-)